"Tension is who you think you are.

Relaxation is who you truly are."

I believe in the healing power of touch and the body's innate ability to unwind and balance itself when one is deeply relaxed.

I help create the space where you can revitalize and tap into the well-being inside yourself.

I invite you to experience a unique style of nurturing therapeutic massage.

I specialize in a flowing, intuitive blend of effective bodywork techniques, including Esalen, Shiatsu, Thai, Lomi, Swedish, and Deep Tissue.

I understand the risks involved in Covid 19 and am taking precaution in wearing face covering while working ,thoroughly disinfecting table, sheets and surfaces in studio, checking my temperature ( I ask you do the same),keeping windows on four sides open for fresh airflow and diffusing antiviral essential oils.I continue to check in with LA county guidelines as things constantly change so we may or may not be able to book session. 

Keith McKenna Massage

1780 Twinslope Trail  Topanga, CA  90290

(505) 577-2598