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"Keith is a delight to work with as a massage therapist. He is professional, dependable, caring and an excellent healer. Keith has wonderful relationships with his colleagues and clients and is a HIGHLY requested therapist. He is a valuable asset to any organization or community."


- Courtney Morris

Director of Therapy Department, Ten Thousand Waves Japanese Spa, Santa Fe, NM


"Meeting a healer like Keith McKenna is a breath of fresh air. The perfect balance of education, experience, intuition, and sensitivity, Keith is one of the top massage therapists I have met in my world travels. The best of the best. Not only have I hired Keith to massage my fiancé and I on a regular basis in Los Angeles, we have also hired him to be our yoga instructor and massage therapist at our wedding this coming Summer.


- Lyndsey

Yoga Instructor and Doctor of Chinese Medicine, Los Angeles, CA


"When it comes to a professional, sensitive, caring and experienced massage therapist, I think of Keith McKenna. His personalized techniques incorporate music and nature and will have you floating away! Wait until you have a massage by Keith!"

- Todd Davis 

Casas de Santa Fe


"I have been a massage therapist for over 23 years, have run a massage department at a world-renowned retreat, and trained apprentices. I am very particular about who I hire to touch me. Keith is not only a lovely human-being who inspires comfort and trust, but he possesses a wonderful sensitivity and technique. I was able to completely let go into his transportive experience (sans critique). I encourage you to call and enjoy!!"

- Mary Shuler

Santa Monica, CA


"I had my first massage from Keith at Ten Thousand Waves in Santa Fe 12 years ago and I am so happy that he is now in the L.A. area. He is truly gifted and his skills are unsurpassed and amazingly therapeutic. I recommend him as highly as possible. Simply the best."


- Todd H.

Los Angeles, CA.


"I can't say enough great things about Keith and his work. I have known him for about 3 years now, and his approach to bodywork has helped and elevated so many people. I have since referred many people to him who all have had amazing experiences and became repeat customers. I wish everyone could experience his work. He is so gifted, extremely professional, experienced and I deeply encourage everyone to have a session from Keith."


- Dr. Charles Martone

Santa Monica, CA


"One of the very finest therapists I've ever known...the healing zone he finds for me is a magical place."

- Hank Henley

Dallas, TX


"I was at my best friend's wedding at Evergreen Lodge near Yosemite, and had the pleasure of getting a massage from Keith! The bride set it up after hers the day of the wedding, and it was just what we both needed. I was so relaxed and taken to another place in my mind and body. Keith is an incredibly intuitive way of massaging, like he knew exactly where the pain is! I am so pleased with my experience.


I wish I could live closer to him and get work done by him year round. I think the words I used when it was over were " I may have just had an out of body experience." In all the best ways! I highly recommend Keith. He not only relaxes you, he also replenished your energy. From the music, to the essential oils and mists of rose water I felt so relaxed and pampered! I would recommend Keith to everyone I know!!"


- Carla M.

Fort Walton Beach, FL


"Keith has been my massage therapist and became a friend in the 15 years we have been working together. Living in Santa Fe I had tried many massage therapists and truly miss his gifted healing touch (since moving to Los Angeles) . Keith assisted in my back and hip healing through the years. Anyone who has the opportunity to work with him will quickly become a regular client. He is sorely missed here in Santa Fe not only by myself but by all of his other New Mexico clients. I have already booked upon his next visit to Santa Fe and will make a trip or two to California to work with him this year."


- Charles Veilleux

Santa Fe, NM


"Of all the massages I have had in my life, the massages by Keith McKenna are the absolute best. I can remember each and every one of them....all special moments. You leave a session feeling 10 feet tall, relaxed, rejuvenated. His massage are also quite good if you are processing intense emotions...his touch is a catalyst for positive change."


- Alexis Brown


"My absolute FAVORITE massage therapist, Keith McKenna, has just moved from Santa Fe to L.A. and I think you all need to meet him. Keith has amazing massage skills, strong hands, and a keen ability to individualize his massage according to each client's needs. I have known him for years and always book multiple massages with him whenever I am in Santa Fe. His prices are fantastic. I am very picky and highly recommend Keith! Book a massage ASAP! You know you need one!"


- Jen


"Keith has been my massage therapist for almost three years. I see him 2-3x per month at his amazing location in Topanga Canyon. He is adept at therapeutic deep tissue techniques that work out the hours of knots I acquire from my many hours a week on a laptop. His amazing deep work is done with flowing finesse that leaves me relaxed, grounded and rejuvenated. I highly recommend Keith for a professional, deep and very relaxing massage experience."


- Nicole Fox

Registered Dietician


"I have had two massages with Keith McKenna and cannot wait to book another one. He definitely has an intuitive flow that feels so personal, a healing experience designed just for the individual. I have never met anyone with energy like Keith's. As a man his presence is strong yet gentle; I feel completely at ease with him. The massages both left me feeling as if i were in a trance, transported. They felt sublimely nourishing to my body and soul. Thank you so much Keith McKenna for showing me how great massage can be."


- Maya Reynolds



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